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Virgin Islands

Frequently asked Questions

Welcome to the FAQ page for the Virgin Islands! We’re here to answer your most common questions about this stunning Caribbean destination. Whether you’re planning your first trip or returning for another visit, you’ll find useful information to help make your stay enjoyable. From the best time to visit and travel tips to top activities and accommodation options, our FAQ page covers it all. Discover everything you need to know about exploring the beautiful beaches, vibrant culture, and exciting adventures awaiting you in the Virgin Islands. Visit for more detailed information and personalized assistance.

The Virgin Islands are a group of islands in the Caribbean Sea, located east of Puerto Rico and west of the British Virgin Islands. There are two main islands: St. Thomas and St. John, as well as many smaller islands and cays.

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The US Virgin Islands are a territory of the United States, while the British Virgin Islands are a British Overseas Territory. As a result, there are some differences in the laws, customs, and currency between the two groups of islands.
No, US citizens do not need a passport to visit the US Virgin Islands, as they are a territory of the United States.
Yes, US citizens will need a passport to visit the British Virgin Islands, as they are a British Overseas Territory.

Yes, visitors to the British Virgin Islands will need to pay a customs fee when entering and leaving the country. This is typically done at Customs ports of Tortola or St John.

In the Virgin Islands, you drive on the left side of the road, which may take some getting used to for visitors from countries where driving on the right side is the norm.

You can learn more about rental cars and driving in the Virgin Islands here.

There are a few different ways to island hop between the USVI and BVI, including taking a ferry or water taxi, hiring a private boat, or taking a seaplane.

The easiest and cheapest way to get between islands in on the ferry and you can find our island ferry schedule here

The Virgin Islands are known for their duty-free shopping, which means that you can buy certain goods (such as jewelry, electronics, and alcohol) without having to pay import taxes or duties.
The official currency of the US Virgin Islands is the US dollar, while the British Virgin Islands use the Eastern Caribbean dollar.

Yes, there are plenty of ATMs throughout the Virgin Islands, making it easy to withdraw cash as needed.

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