Best Lunch Spots in St. Thomas

Looking for a laidback lunch spot with killer food, here are our favorite lunch spots and the places we NEVER miss while visiting St Thomas!


Smoking Rooster BBQ

(340) 715-2625

THE ISLANDS BEST PAINKILLER! That’s right, I said it. If you are craving BBQ, you will not want to miss eating here. The brisket is to die for! Order everything brisket, everything brisket… The turkey is really good too!


Sun & Sea Bar & Grill

(340) 775-7200

New to Point Pleasant Resort right next to Mermaids Den & Seas the Day Charters Dock. Go visit Chad (the owner) and ask for his shittiest beer & one order of the buffalo wings or the mango habanero wings if you want the sweetest taste of fire. Throw your bones over the ledge and watch the fish go crazy! 

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Greengos Caribbean Cantina

(340) 714-8282

Home of 374 tequilas! Check the Tequila Club board where “Puddle Pirate” currently takes the number one spot tasting 324 tequilas. We love all the margaritas, chips & salsa and of course their smothered burritos. This is our must go to lunch spot after we land in St Thomas, everytime! 

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