Places to Stay

Places to Stay

Vacation Rentals

Vacation rentals in Tortola, BVI, offer a charming and authentic island experience. By opting for a vacation rental, you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture and enjoy the laid-back lifestyle of the British Virgin Islands. These rentals often feature picturesque views, well-equipped kitchens, and spacious living areas.

Vacation rentals are ideal for travelers who value privacy, tranquility, and the ability to create their own schedule. They provide a cozy and personalized home base where you can relax and enjoy the beauty of Tortola at your own pace.

View of pool at Tortola vacation rental
Sugar Mill
Places to Stay


Hotels in Tortola offer comfort, convenience, and excellent hospitality for travelers. These accommodations range from boutique hotels to larger establishments, providing a variety of options to suit different preferences and budgets.

Hotels in Tortola typically offer well-appointed rooms, on-site dining options, and a range of services to enhance your stay. They provide a central location for easy access to attractions, activities, and amenities. Hotels are a great choice for travelers who value comfort, proximity to the island’s highlights, and the convenience of having a dedicated staff ready to assist with any needs or inquiries.

Places to Stay


Resorts in Tortola provide a luxurious and pampering getaway for visitors. These establishments are known for their world-class amenities, impeccable service, and breathtaking oceanfront locations.

Resorts in Tortola often offer a wide range of activities and facilities, including pristine swimming pools, private beaches, water sports, and upscale dining options. They provide a seamless and immersive vacation experience where every need is catered to.

Resorts are perfect for travelers who seek relaxation, indulgence, and the opportunity to be surrounded by stunning natural beauty in a refined setting.

Long Bay Resort